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Green Top Engineering Consulting (GTE) was established in 2006 in India, as an Engineering and Design Organization as a group of Greentop Contracting Company (GTC) was established in 1977 ,Saudi Arabia .The Resources – Designers, Engineers, Project Engineers, Planners, Cost Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Safety Engineers. We are regularly escalating our business for providing Engineering services to satisfy our esteemed clients’ needs.
The organization is staffed by nearly Two Hundred (200) professional engineers and Designers who have expertise in their respective disciplines and vast experience in Estimation, Planning, Procurement, Engineering Design and Construction.
The full range of Engineering and design services we offer includes architecture,civil structural, mechanical, Piping/ Pipeline, electrical, Instrumentation, plumbing and design from concept through delivery, we ensure seamless integration of engineering systems to support and enhance our designs with energy-efficient and cost-effective building systems.
The company also offers Construction services for Power Distribution Network, Cathodic Protection, Communication, Instrumentation, Mechanical equipment Erection, Piping/Pipeline Erection, Structural Fabrication and Erection, Civil Works for industrial and Government Projects.
As a multidisciplinary engineering and Design Services GREEN TOP Engineering has established itself as a prominent partner for numerous clients in the markets such as:.

Our Services


• Feasibility studies.

• Cost estimates.

• Master plans.

Design Engineering

• Conceptual designs and drawings.

• Preliminary designs and drawings.

• Preliminary designs and drawings.

Project Execution

• Project Management.

• Construction Supervision.

• Design review and approvalss.

Operation And Maintenance

• Organization and Planning.

• Supervision and procurement.

• Training the personnel for Operation and maintenance.

Assisting During Award Of Contract

• Preparation of specifications and tender documents.

• Tender evaluation and evaluation reports.

• Assisting in negotiation of contracts.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

• Development of QA/QC programs.

• Draw all necessary inspection and testing plans (ITPs).

• Develop QC procedures, checklists & control formats.

Field Of Activites


Construction Activites

Civil Constructions

• Site Development work like deep excavations, Backfilling, compaction, Grading & Fencing works for industrial areas.

• Construction of RCC Structural works including raft, Isolated foundation & Structural works.

• All kind of RCC Retaining walls and Guard Rails.

• Construction of Buildings, Substations, Bridges, Cable Duct Banks.

• Underground & Overhead water tank constructions.

• Industrial Building works-like foundations, structure, plastering, flooring, ceiling and all kinds of windows and doors.

Mechanical Constructions

• Industrial Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection Works.

• Mechanical Equipment Assembly, Erection and Final Alignment.

• Piping Fabrication and Erection Works.

• Pipeline fabrication and erection

• Vessel Erection and Testing Works.

• Rigging and Heavy Lifting Works.

• Fire Fighting and HVAC Works.

Electrical & Instrumentation Constructions

• MV/LV Power distribution System Installation and Testing Works.

• Transformers, Switch Gears. MCC’s, Motors etc..

• Power and Control Cabling works including all Cable Raceway Works.

• Industrial Lighting Works.

• Grounding, Lightening Protection Works.

• Field Instrumentation (Bench Calibration, Loop Checking).

• Process control and Automation works..

• Control room-Fit out works..

• Communication and Security Systems

• Cathodic Protection Systems

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