Mr. Nesamani Rajendran MCA,M.Tech,MBA

CEO (Green Top Group ,Saudi Arabia), Chairman & Founder(Green Top Group,India)

Nesamani Rajendran is an MCA graduate of the Bharathidasan University, India, and M.Tech graduate from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya University (DAV), India. He also has a Master’s in Business Administration from Bharathiar University, India.
Nesamani Rajendran has been with Green Top Group since 2016 he was part of the senior management team and later took over as the Vice President for Green Top Contracting Co. Ltd. in 2016. His ideas and strategies have taken the company to a new level and achieved what was once impossible. Ever since February 2023, he has been the CEO of Green Top Group.

Chairman and CEO’s Message
Problems are just nothing when you put your mind to them; that’s the mindset with which I joined Green Top Group. A little history about myself: I come from humble beginnings, and even as a child, I had this urge to do something that would last a lifetime. Now, I am finally able to do just that. Green Top Group, both in Saudi Arabia and India, has provided job opportunities to hundreds if not thousands across an array of sectors. We constantly strive to be the pioneers in all we do.

I am proud to be blessed with a dedicated workforce who tirelessly work towards building up to the goal we have set. We are proud to have a hassle-free environment where you, the clients, feel at home, and together we plan to bring forth a change towards the betterment of the community through various infrastructure, sanitation & communication developments.

We are also in the process of providing a better life for all through the establishment of several health care and educational institutions. I would like to thank all our clients who have been with us so far and helped build a better community, and I thank you for choosing Green Top as your preferred partner in this development.

Nesamani Rajendran
Chairman. (Green Top Group,Inida)

Mr.Rohithraj R J B.E

Managing Director

Rohithraj R J is a graduate of PSG College of Technology, India. He became part of Green Top Group in 2016. From the very beginning, he has been an integral part of each and every aspect of the company, both in Saudi Arabia and India. Rohithraj R J is currently the Managing Director of Green Top Contracting Private Limited, India.

Managing Director’s Message
Ever since our company’s inception in 1977, we have always been up for being the best at what we do. Now, several milestones later, I am most eager to welcome you to Green Top Contracting Private Limited, India. With the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the course of 4.5 decades, we are positive that we will bring about a new age in the various sectors we hope to attain; we wish to bring international levels of standards through which we will build up our community.

This new task doesn’t seem impossible when I just look at our team, who are dedicated and experts in what they do. I completely trust that my team is up to any task and will handle it with the utmost professionalism.

Our journey in India has just begun, and I am sure that with the support of my team and our clients, we will continue to climb up and conquer the peak.

Rohithraj R J
Managing Director.
Green Top Contracting Private Limited.