Real Estate Business

We saw a need, so we filled the need. Real estate technology was woefully behind the times, requiring agents to lose productivity and juggle multiple disconnected systems. We stepped in to fill the void and built the ultimate fully-integrated platform from the ground up. How did we know what to build? We worked closely with the best real estate professionals to understand exactly what agents need for generating and tracking leads, targeting automated communications, nurturing buyers and sellers through the funnel...and then we delivered. And we keep delivering

Our mission is to modernize second-home ownership, making it more attainable and hassle-free. Fractal was founded by a team of seasoned professionals backed by leading venture capital and private credit funds.

  • Political Stability
  • Safety For All
  • Tax Free Rental


Our Projects


Businesses use real estate for commercial purposes.


Encompasses raw vacant land, land used for agricultural purposes


Single-family or multifamily.


Property used for industrial purposes and manufacturing

Our Skills

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Indestructibility 100%
Uniqueness 90%
Immobility 75%
Safety For All 80%
Communal Harmony 90%
Political Stability 55%